Sunset Photos From Around the World

Sunset - Playa Zancudo

Sunset Photos From Around the World

Sunset Photos – a Collection

As our blog title suggests, we love a good sunset.  Taking the time to enjoy a sunset is one of the joys of travel.  Sunset photos are one of the great travel cliches, but we take them anyway.  We’ll gather them here for other sunset enthusiasts and those who are too cool to indulge can avoid this page.  We’ll keep adding to this as we collect more sunset photos on our travels, so check back every now and then to see new ones.  Click on the pics to see larger versions.

 Sydney Harbour

The iconic landmarks of Sydney Harbour are photogenic pretty much any time of day.  We were fortunate enough to catch these subtle but elegant sunset views on the Manly ferry headed back to the city.

San Francisco

We didn’t see a lot of sunset action during our week in San Francisco and the East Bay, but there was one evening when we stopped on the way back to our East Bay hotel (the Doubletree Berkeley Marina) at dusk to check out the views back towards San Francisco.

Bryce Canyon

This was an accidental sunset photo op.  We were actually gathering at the starting point for the Full Moon Hike and the muster point happened to be at a spot where we could see a nice sunset.

Arches National Park

On our Utah Road Trip we were mostly too tired from hiking by the end of the day to spend too much time chasing sunsets, but in addition to the Bryce Park sunset photos above, we managed to capture this one at Arches National Park

Playa Zancudo, Costa Rica

One of the great things about Playa Zancudo is the amazing sunsets.  Every night we were there was spectacular.



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